Should you watch Days of our Lives?

Being one of the longer-running television series in the whole world, Days of our Lives has influenced generations through more than 12.000 episodes released worldwide.

The original dream of a married pair, Ted and Betty Corday, has been expanded with amazing story lines, spin offs, twists and unmatched drama throughout the years, and still continues to experience worldwide success thanks to its memorable characters and design. To tell the truth, Days of our Lives is one of the best and biggest soaps (or soap operas) currently out there, still after its original release, which was in 1965.

It had been airing on nearly every weekday since its launch until the closure of the NBC Television Network in 2013. However, episodes have been rebroadcast since, and the series is as popular as ever! But what is Days of our Lives, or simply ’Days’ about? Days of our Lives’ story line focuses on the trials and tribulations of the Brady, DiMera and Horton families and countless other residents of the fictional town of Salem.

Now if you remember history books, this may very well be the same old Salem we know from the countless witch storied we heard throughout the years. Now, the series focuses on many different aspects of the lives of the aforementioned families. It is also considered a ’hospital soap’ because the show is primarily about a family of doctors, including one who worked in a mental hospital. Other than that, many different storylines have emerged from the original concept, which remains one of the most inventive and exciting in the history of dramas.

Many storylines follow the lives of middle- and upper-class professionals in the town of Salem, which is classified as a middle-America town. The series features the usual threads of love, marriage, divorce, family life, but it also focuses on the medical storyline of the doctors with psychological analyses of many different characters. As you can see, this is a clear recipe for success when it comes to drama and soap operas. Days of our Lives’ success can primarily be attributed to the ever-inventive concept that the show’s creators have preserved over the years. The series has a perfectly constructed frame which features excitement, philosophical questions, and the usual drama that everyone wants when it comes to soap operas.

But what about people who want something extraordinary, which not many soap operas have?

Well, Days of our Lives offers something for these people as well! Many years had passed since the first episode aired, and in the 1990s, the show branched out into supernatural story lines. Now, some of the critics didn’t quite appreciate the idea of such a twist, seeing how it was a departure from the well-established and more realistic story lines for which the show had originally become known. However, the viewers proved the critics wrong, because Days of Our Lives became the most-watched daytime soap among young and middle-aged women shortly after the release of the first few episodes in the new concept.

It also became one of NBC’s five most profitable shows ever! If you are looking to be invested in a great soap opera, then Days of our Lives is definitely for you. Considering that it has more than 10.000 episodes out there, you are certainly in for a treat for a long time. Getting to know the stories of Days’ characters is quite a journey, but it is definitely worth it, because you can experience the genius of Ted and Betty Corday firsthand by watching this series for a while. Should you be watching Days of our Lives? Definitely.